20 minutes: Hiit your fitness goalsico-video-large

20 minutes: Hiit your fitness goals

%CODE1%Hot Feet: Stand with your feet a little wider than hip width and arms relaxed by your sides. Begin to move your feet as fast as you can while lowering down a...
Exercise at your deskico-video-large

Exercise at your desk

%CODE1%Desk Pushups: Place your hands on the edge of the table/desk, slightly wider than shoulder width apart, extend your legs so that your back, head and legs are in a straight line. As you...

The ultimate afternoon pick-me-up: tabata

%CODE1%What you will need: Proper workout gear and footwear Bottled water A mat Stop watch or clockWarm upTake up to 3-5 minutes to get a sweat going. Warm up moves can be light march or jog on the...
5 ab exercisesico-video-large

5 ab exercises

%CODE1%Leg-Switch: Sit on the ground with your feet on the floor and a flat back. Slowly grab one knee as the other leg extends straight out and then alternate. Begin at a slow pace...
Sexual Transmitted Diseases

10 FYIs on STIs: Everything you ever (and never) wanted to know

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Deck of cards

FitnessU: The deck of cards workout

Rate this article and enter to winPlaying cards=poker night, amirite? Not so fast. The same suits that boost your bragging rights can boost your fitness, too. Enter the Deck-of-Cards workout—a customizable game to get...
Ask the trainer: How do I gain confidence to go to the gym?

Ask the trainer: How do I gain confidence to go to the gym?

“How do I gain enough confidence to go to the gym?”—Blake M.*, Santa Clara University, CaliforniaGaining enough confidence to start going to the gym could be one of the best things you do for...
Sun salutationsico-video-large

Sun salutations

%CODE1%Step 1 – Mountain Pose Stand facing forward with your arms at your sides. Maintain a narrow stance with feet parallel. Actively reach towards the ground with your fingertips as you begin...
Your body, your gym, in 3 movesico-video-large

Your body, your gym, in 3 moves

%CODE1%Arm pulses: Start in a standing position with feet hip width a part and feet parallel. Raise your arms from your sides up to shoulder height. Have your palm face forward and begin to...
Partner strength-training exercisesico-video-large

Partner strength-training exercises

%CODE1%Directions: Medicine Ball Side Pass: Stand back to back with your partner with one person holding the medicine ball. Reach over to pass the medicine ball to your partner...